Snackar om att vara upptagen nästa vecka!

Posted by: Yollande

You guys can´t imagine how much school work I have to be done with before summer break. I have SOOOO FREAKING much that I think iam going to start loosing it ...soon. One thing i don´t understand about my teachers is that they ALWAYS freaking give us alot of homeworlks, exams and essays to be done with exactly 2 weeks before summer break and then they espect us to actually get great grades in everything. I mean  WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

Anywhos, this is how my schedule looks like starting next week

Monday: Lämna in 3 uppsatts:
  1. Social Studies 1
  2. Social Studies 2
  3. Psychology

  1. Chinese test . writing part
  2. Test -maybe

  1. Lämna in en uppsatts
  2. Engelska grammatik prov

  1. Tourism test
  2. Kinesiska test talking part
  3. Swedish oral test


I know i have to be finished with something here that i just can´t remember right now

To tell you guys the truth, Iam really not looking forward to next week :/ Wish me luck guys :D


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