Longing for the day she´s going to meet her prince

Posted by: Yollande

I was shocked yesterday on low price everything were when i went shopping yesterday in Stockholm City. When i went there my plan was to only but 2-3 things, but i ended up buying 4 very cute tops, 4 Jeans and trousers and a couple of accessorieses. After 3 hours of shopping and going in and out of every butique, i had take away sushi and subways delicious brownie with coffee latte for dessert.

Jag igår

Hat - New Yorker
Tröja - H&M
Axel Accessoare - Neq Yorker
Jeans- New Yorker
Armband - New Yorker

Postat av: Saraicg

Fina bilder, gillar detaljen på tröjan! :)

2010-06-23 @ 22:00:09
URL: http://saraicg.blogspot.com

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